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Why Distance Education?
The internet, currently an indispensable part of our lives, brought about many conveniences that used to be considered impossible. Distance learning technologies are among these conveniences. Learning is a lifelong process for all of us. The rapid changes in technology make lifelong learning a necessity in certain fields more than ever.  
The formation that one receives through university education loses its validity throughout years. Having a successful career requires keeping oneself ... CONTINUE
About Us
Karabuk University Distance Education Research and Application Center (KBUZEM) offers undergraduate and graduate programs of Occupational Health and Safety, Administration of Health Institutions and Child Development. Compulsory courses Ataturk’s Principles and the History of Revolutions, Turkish Language, Foreign Language and Basic Computer Skills ... CONTINUE
Creating an Account
On Distance Education Online Module, user accounts and courses are created in accordance with the course selection/registration information retrieved from University Information Management System (UBYS). Students who have not registered to courses on UBYS cannot start an account on distance education online module. User accounts for ...CONTINUE
Karabük University Students Away
With the technological advancements today teaching and education can be sustained without the limitations of time and space. One of the most important activities concerning this fact is the distance education. With our distance education programmes our students can improve themselves in various fields. Students can complete their educations with the associate degrees, undergraduate and graduate programmes and use these diplomas in the same fields... CONTINUE
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Distance Education?
2. What is the difference between formal education and Distance education?
3. What is Learning Management System?